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Building Construction


    Buildings can provide all kinds of function support for player in resource producing and troops recruiting. At the beginning, players will have the lowest level city, and you can build 22 different structures successively according to the game progression, including Civilian Houses, Town Center, Barracks, Taverns, Military Armory, Markets, etc. In the region outside the City, players can build Farms, Quarries, Lumber Mills and Metal Mines. Players can develop their own Cities according to the differences in building functions, style, level and quantity. Do you want to build a powerful Military Country, or a wealthy Trade Center? It all depends on you!

    Upgrading buildings will consume resources and occupy a vacant building position. Construction requires different times according to the building style and level. You can accelerate the building progress by using certain Shop items.


Freestyle combination

You can build the city with your like and show your individuality