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Battles in the Wild


Battles in the Wild


Regular Battle

Battle in the Wild is a chance for players to further their skills and to upgrade. Players not only need to know how to kill the monsters, but also learn to protect themselves. Reasonable use of your resources to increase your efficiency is necessary for survival.

There are many monsters of many levels in both the Suburbs and the World Map. Click on the monster to fight against it.






Boss Lairs

1.Click on the “Magnifying Glass” as shown to search for Boss Lairs.


2.Click on the Lair to open the Lair Interface. Then click on “Rally” to select your troops.

3. Choose the troops and click on Rally.

4. On the Lair interface, click on “Create” to create a team; Input a password if you want a private room, if not then just click "Confirm".

5.When rallying is finished, click on "Fight" to start the battle.


Team Challenge

The Lair BOSS allows for teams.
1. First, rally your different troops to the Lair.
2. When the troops arrive, click on "Join" to join the team.

3. When the team is formed, you can start the battle. The person who created the team can choose to start.


Outdoor Intercept

Interception is also a part of the game's PVP System. You can start the battle against anyone within the game. (Note: A novice in Novice Protection cannot be attacked. For your fellow countrymen, you can only attack people who are in the same Age as you.

1. Click on the Hero to open the Information Page. Click to start interception.

2. At this time a small lighter-shade area will appear, as long as both sides are within this area, click on the other sides to start the battle.


Lightening Guard

The Lightening Guards attacked the 4 Countries! If you defeat them, you will get top quality equipment100% of the time. Each age has different number of Lightening Guards, (1 for Savage, 2 for Dark, 3 for Feudal, 4 for Castle, and 5 for Empire Age). After you defeat the Lightening Guards, they will not respawn until the next Age. (Note: If you defeat all 5 Lightening Guards in Empire Age, you cannot challenge again.)
1. Click on the Suburb to see the Lightening Guards.

2. Click on the Lightening Guard and the introduction page will appear with 2 choices.

3. We recommended you to select the first choice and use the Lightening Card., You can purchase Lightening Cards in the Item Shop (Just as the reminder says, you will lose for sure if you pick the second choice.) Then click confirm to open the Select Items page, click on confirm again to use the item.

4. The Lightening Guards are now weakened. You can easily defeat them now.