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Login and Create Role


Login and Create Role

   Login the game:

On this page input your account name and password (can be previous account and password on woniu.com or other Snail games), click the “Log in the game” button to enter.

After entering into the game you need to create a Role and build a City.

1.       Choose Civilization: The shields represent the different civilizations, clicking on the shield will show the “Create Role” interface;

2.       Introduction of Civilization: This explains each civilization’s origin, development, strength and weaknesses.

3.       Specialty Data: Includes the special strength of each civilization such as differencse in resources, and introducing special units.

4.       Unique Shots: Through photos, demonstrate each civilization’s uniqueness, includes but not limited to buildings, units, etc.

5.       Choose Birthplace: Each country has 4 birthplaces, displays population within the area which effects resource production.

6.       Create: Players need to choose their sex, avatar, input a City name and a Role name.


 Click on “create” and you can start on your journey!