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How do I obtain Carnage? How do I learn Talents?

How to obtain Carnage:

Within the different battles, deal damage to troops belonging to players from other Countries to gain Carnage. In addition, if your Country wins in CZ War, you can also gain additional Carnage.


The use of Carnage:

Use Carnage to learn Talents. Click on the "Talents" button to open the interface and spend Carnage Points.

Learning Talents
1Talents are separatedin to 4 levels, you need to have enough Carnage to learn each level.
The 1st level requires 40000 Carnage.
The 2nd level requires 175000 Carnage.
The 3rd level requires 445000 Carnage.
The 4th level requires 850000 Carnage.

You can check your current Carnage Points in the interface and learn Talents.

2.Learning Talents can increase a heroes’ and troops’ attributes. Move the cursor to the picture to see a detailed introduction. Players can choose which Talent to learn. You can click on the Talents then click on “Learn Talent” to start learning.