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Building Holy Sites and Temples and Recruiting Missionaries

1.       Recruiting Missionaries

Missionaries are recruited in the Tavern just like Heroes and Merchants.  You can build a Tavern during the Savage Age and upgrading the Tavern means you have a higher chance of recruiting high quality Missionaries. High quality Missionaries come in different colors: Orange>Purple>Blue>Green>White. Higher quality Missionaries gain more free attributes when upgrading level.

2.       Missionaries Attributes and Upgrading

Each missionary has 4 attributes, each attributes has its own function:



Increase Civilization value when worshipping


Increase sphere of influence for the Temple or City.


Factors in decreasing an enemy's civilization's value and expelling enemies.


Increase ability to fight back against expulsion by enemies.



Missionary do not gain experience from fighting but from spreading Religion and Worshipping. Each time a Missionary spreads Religion or Worships, they will gain corresponding experience (currently the amount of experiences they get for spreading Religion or for Worshipping is a set amount).

3.       Building Holy Sites and Temples

Holy Sites and Temples are places for Worship. It is the main source for a civilization's values. Civilization values affect the number of Green Areas.


You can build a holy site within a City after evolving to the Dark Age.


Temples are built on the World Map but within your own Civilization's territories. The requirement for building Temples is to have a Holy Site first. The higher civilization values means building more Temples.

First, please choose any piece of land within your own territory, the following interface will appear:


Click on build Temple, and the following dialogue box will appear:

Click to choose a Missionary, click on "Build Temple" then you can build a Temple.


Spreading of Civilization

After building Holy Sites and Temples, and Upgrading Missionaries, you have civilization values which affect the number of Green Areas.

You can increase civilization value by the following two actions:

1.       Worship

Worship is an action at Holy Sites in the City and Temple in the wild that will increase Civilization value.  Let's see how to worship at Holy Sites first.

In the City, click on the "Holy Site” to enter the "Holy Site" interface:

You can click on the "Set-up Missionary" button to set a Missionary to Worship, to add Civilization value to Worship. You can also set any Missionary to not Worship directly.

Click on the”Worship” button and open the following dialogue box:


You click on “To pay Worship” to start Worshiping.

Let’s take a look at how to Worship in the Temple.

Worshipping at Temple is similar to Worshipping at a Holy Site.

On the World Map, click on a Temple to open the following dialogue box:


You can click on “Dispatch Missionary” to dispatch a Missionary to a location to Worship, or you can Worship directly.


Click on the "Worship" button and the “Worship” dialogue box will appear:


Adjust the maximum time for Worship, then click on “To-pay Worship”.

2.       Spreading and Missionizing

Spreading and missionizing by the Missionary will temporarily expand Civilization value.

Click on one of the areas on the borderline of your Civilization sphere and the following dialogue box will appear:


Click on a Missionary and click “Missionize", a Missionary will travel here to spread Religion.

Spreader of Civilization - Missionary

Missionaries are the main characters for civilization and can take many actions, for example: Worshipping in Temples or Holy sites, spreading and Missionizing on the World Map, building new Temples on the World Map. These are the main ways the Missionary can contribute to the Country. However, other than these, Bishops can take offensive and defensive actions toward other Countries and thereby decreasing other Countries' Civilization Values, indirectly increasing your own Country’s Civilization influences.  Let’s see what actions Missionaries can take:

1.       Defame

Defame is when Missionaries take action toward other Countries’ Temples to decrease a Temples' Civilization value.

Click on the Temple on the World Map and the following dialogue box will appear:

Click on “Defame” and the “Dispatch Missionary” box will appear.


Choose a Missionary, click the "Defame" button, the Missionary will Defame against the other Temple:

2.       Destroy Temple

When your own civilization covers the other side’s Temple, then click on this Temple:

Click on “Destroy Temple” button. This action does not need a Missionary, just click on the button and the Temple will disappear automatically.

Civilization Value affect on Country

Continual expansion of territories not only will give you glory, it will bring other benefits to the Country.

1.       Civilization Buff

Civilization values affect National Religion, and gives special Buffs for each Civilization. Each civilization gets a different Buff:

China:City Building Increases

Rome:Units HP Increases

Persia:Merchant Load Increases

Egypt : Skill Research Speed Increase

Relations between Additions and Territories:













*NOTE: This number could be change in the future.

1.       Collection Points

You can collect resources at Collection Points. The collected resources can be use for Worship or for Trade.

Click on the Collection Point within your territories and the following dialogue box will appear:

Click on the "Collection” button to choose the Hero to collect at this point.


Now you know how to deal with your Civilization, start expanding your territories and make your mark on the World!