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Golden Empire, Richest in the World!


Golden Empire, Richest in the World!

———— “Ministry of War” Strategy Guide for Merchants


As each of the Civilizations becomes stronger, the Countries dependency on economics is also getting stronger. By then, the Merchant's role within a country becomes vital to its success.  How to recruit Merchants, get them to work for you and earn money for military, for research, and all the other expenses?  Let me tell you!

Building a Trade Center and Recruiting Merchants

1.      Recruiting Merchants

Merchants are recruited in the Tavern just like Heroes and Missionaries.  You can build a Tavern during the Savage Age and upgrading the Tavern means you have a higher chance of recruiting high quality Merchants. High quality Merchants comes in different colors: Orange>Purple>Blue>Green>White. Higher quality Merchants gain more free attributes when upgrading level.

2.      Merchants' Attributes and Upgrading

Merchants have four attributes, each attribute has its own function:


Affects the amount of resources the Merchant can load per trade.


Affects the traveling speed on the World Map.


Affects the profits the Merchant gains when selling products.


Temporarily not in use.


Heroes gain experience through fighting monsters, Merchants gain experience through trading. Each time a Merchant successfully sells products and gains profits, they will gain some experience. The greater the profit, the more experience they will gain.

How to earn more profits:

When purchasing products (from a Village or a Famous city), the Merchant will try to sell them as far away as possible, further distances means greater profits.

Building a Trade Center

A Merchant's starting point is the Trade Center inside the city. The items collected from Collection Points are also stored in the Trade Center. At the Trade Center, Merchants load Gold and Products then go to trade in other places around the World.

The Trade Center's requirement is the Dark Ages, when your City evolves into the Dark Ages, you can start building a .


Trading has two parts: first, purchasing products using Gold and second, selling products to get Gold.

1.      First Time Trading

Merchant trading always start in your own city's Trade Center.


Step 1: Click on the "Trade Center" to  open the "Trade Interface";

Step 2: Click the "Leave" button to open  the Trade Map.

Click on a Village then click on "Leave", then your Merchants will embark on their trading mission.

2.      Village Trade

Merchants buy products at Villages, different villages have different products.

Step 1: Locate Merchant

You can also click on the Merchant's avatar in the left Merchants Tab to locate him.

Step 2: Selling Products

Click on the Village on the Map and the following dialogue box will appear:

Step 3:  Continue Forward

After purchasing products at the Villages, the Merchants need to keep going to the Famous City. Only at the Famous City can Merchants sell products. Click on the "leave" button and the World Map will show up.

Famous City Trade

Famous Cities are the only place for Merchants to sell products. Of course, Merchants can also buy products at Famous Cities.

Famous City Map

Step 1: Click on the "Famous City" on the map, and the following box will appear;

Step 2: Click on the "Market" button, and the following interface will appear.


As you can see, this interface is very similar to the Trade Interface in the Village, the only difference is the "Sell" button and price of the products that the Merchant is selling.

As you can see, the price of this product increased, this is the profit from trading!This is the end of Trading Process.


How to gain the most Profit?

Trading is selling a product from City A to City B. The greater the distance is between City A and City B, the greater the profit Merchants earn!

Trade Map:

On this interface, the red parts represent Rome. Rome is also separated to 7 parts (separated by white lines), each part is one Province, and each Province only has one Famous City.

Between Village to Village and between Village to Famous City are black solid lines that the Merchant can travel on like a chess board, but each time the Merchants can only take one step.

Producing Profits:

1.      Least Profit

Only trade between two Provinces will lead to profits, which means buying from one and selling to another. If Merchants want to make profits, they need to move the products at least from one Province to another Province's Famous City.

2.      Max Profit

In accordance to the rules, only selling products to the Famous City that is the furthest away will get profit. For example, if products from western parts of Persia were sold to a Famous City on the sea side of China, the profit should be highest.

3.      Extra Profit

Merchant's eloquence will directly affect a single product's profit; Merchant's speed and load will affect overall profit. Currently, skills do not affect profit.



Now that you know how to make profit from trading, then start moving! Upgrade the Tavern, recruit high quality Merchants, and build a solid economic foundation for your Empire!