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Purple Gear Leveling



Purple gear leveling guide

Hero Equipment:

In MoW, equipment plays an important role in the strength of your hero. All equipment is divided by 10 levels and there are 4 levels of quality distinguished by different colors. The colors are: white, green, blue, and purple, from the lowest quality to the highest. Purple equipment is the best quality and has the lowest drop rate. Blue and purple equipment both have an attribute limit; your hero can only equip them if they satisfy the attribute requirement.


The unique Purple equipment set:

The unique purple equipment sets are very powerful; they will dramatically raise the attributes and effectiveness of your hero. You can further raise the bonus granted by the equipment by reinforcing it. Upon completing a unique set of equipment your character will gain a special glow to their in-game appearance.  This special effect will be more noticeable as you increase the level of reinforcement.   


You can get purple equipment sets by:

1. Attacking lairs and killing the lair Bosses.   Players have a chance to gain purple equipment relevant to the lair’s level.

2. Finishing The Arcadian Ladder Task.

3. Finishing hero growth tasks.

4. The big red pack we send to players adds a chance to get lvl 60 purple equipments.

5. Lightning Guards.  These foes have a %100 drop rate for purple equipment.   

6. Auction. Players can trade their equipments though the auction in game.

7. Starlight Treasure Boxes add a large chance to get lvl 60 purple equipment. A Starlight key is needed to open it.

8. Purple-light Treasure Boxes add a large chance to get lvl 70 purple equipment. A Purple-light key is needed to open it.


9. Platinum Treasure Boxes add a chance to get lvl 80 purple equipment. A Platinum key is needed to open it.

10. Purple Gear Boxes. Players can buy Lv30-80 Purple Gear Boxes in the mall.