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How to Get Orange Pets

We’ve sent a post titled ‘Making a Stronger Pet’ to guide you how to enhance your pets. And now we’re going to tell you how to recruit a superior pet.

In the event interface we have 6 special events in order to give players access to the most powerful pets in the game. There are 3 blissful pets and 3 happy pets in the event.

All you need to do is collecting a certain amount of Soul Crystals and then use them to claim your rewards.

When you have 40 Soul Crystals, you can get an orange pet which is the most powerful pet in the game.




Of course you can use 10 Soul Crystals to get a purple pet too.





The only way you can get a Soul Crystal is to open Entertainment Pet Eggs. You can buy Entertainment Pet Eggs in the shop by using points and point vouchers.