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Bandit Camp Guide


The Bandit Camp event is a great way to earn tons of experience for heroes leveling past 100.  Check out this guide to understand how this event works, and learn some key methods to maximize your results. 



Accessing the Event


1)      Click on the “Battle” tab in the bottom center of your screen.



2)      Select the “Event” button



3)      In the event window click the join button that says “Eliminate Bandits.”




Rules of the Event


1)      Your hero must be level 100 or higher, and in your main city to participate in the event.


2)      A player can only participate in this event once per day, unless they purchase a Bandit Eliminating Order from the mall.  This Item can be used a maximum of 3 times in one day. 


3)      In order to get the most experience possible from the event, you must be able to break the bandit camp within 5 minutes.  If you fail to beat the 5 minute timer you will still get experience but not nearly as much.


4)      During the event, the more bandits and towers you destroy the more experience you receive at the conclusion of the event.


5)      During the event you must use soldiers


6)      Experience gained in the bandit camp is not affected by experience boosts like Double Exp. Weekends or Exp. Books. 


A picture of the bandit camp.  Try to destroy as many towers as possible!