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By connormcleod» Thu Sep 08(From Forum)

This is my first crack at a MoW guide, and it is pretty rough, but I wanted to get the ball rolling. It took me about 30minutes to whip it up, but I think the main idea is there. I would like however to fill it out with some crunchy bits if people have the data to put behind the stats.

It is my intention that this be used by novice players who are just learning about hero creation.

Introduction to your Hero

“We can't all be heroes, because somebody has to sit on the curb and applaud when they go by.”
-Will Rogers

Heroes play a large roll in Ministry of War (MoW), The dynamic and balance of the game as it is right now makes them exceedingly over powered if built right, and horribly useless if built wrong. With this I hope to be able to shed a little light on how heroes are designed, and give you the ability to make your own educated choices on how to make a hero.

When you select view on you hero, you will see this screen.


This is the overview of your hero. It will show you everything about your hero, and what it's progression is. On the right side of the panel are three primary tabs. Attribute, Inventory and Troops.

Attribute: This is the meat of your hero. It will show you all the customizable parts of your hero that allow you to make it your own. I will go into more detail about the specifics of the attribute panel later on.

Inventory: This is where you equip your hero. It has four sub panels consisting of:

- Weapons: where you hero keeps their selection of weapons. By left clicking a weapon, you will get a drop down menu containing five options.

1) Weaponry: This will equip the item
2) Repair: This will allow you to repair your item for a sum of gold that is respective of the item being repaired
3) Augment: This will allow you to upgrade your item using cobalt ore, as well as some other items. It enhances the attributes of the item.
4) Sell: This sells your item to the system immediately for a small sum of gold based on the item.
5) discard: Get rid of your item for nothing.

-Armour: Is the same as weapons, but is for all of your heroes armour.

-ACC: this is the accessories tab. it contains earrings, necklaces and rings. It works the same as the other two sub options.

-Misc: This is were all potions, skills and exp orbs are kept. The drop down options here are simple. either use/equip or learn it (depending on item) or discard. Selecting weaponry for potions and un-filled exp balls will equip them to your hero.

Troops: This is just a panel that displays the amount of troops you are carrying, and the food you have on hand.


On the left side of the hero panel is the display of all the equipment/pots and skills that your hero has on/learned.

Understanding the Stats:

Each hero category gets a different amount of points to allocate to their stats per level. Each category of hero is displayed in the color of their name, and the points breakdown like this.

Purple: 10
Blue: 8
Green: 6
White: 5

**Note: Your starter hero, however blue, does not get 8 points per level. They recieve 7.

The maximum level for a hero at this time is 100, you can see the imbalance between a white and a purple hero. It is my rule of thumb to not even bother with green or white heroes (unless they are used for an expendable task) and to only put effort into a blue hero if both the primary stats I am looking for add up to a total of 140+.

eg: a blue hero with 71phys and 69pwr is a blue hero I would put some effort into.

**Any purple hero can be hired, and is useful.

In MoW there are four stats for your hero:

Power: This stat is related to the amount of damage you can do.

Command: This stat controls the amount of troops your hero can carry.

Physical: This stat controls the amount of hit points you hero has, and the amount of base defense your hero has.

Intelligence: Right now, the only thing this stat allows is a modifier to intelligence related skills that you use, and the amount of magic power your hero has. The internal aspect of intelligence is not yet implemented.

The stat point distribution in MoW makes it so that the points you allocate to the individual stats are pretty much useless. putting 100 points into power (10 levels on a purple hero) give very little bonus to your damage. Same goes for all the other stats.

***The point of stats in MoW is to allow you to equip gear.

Gear is where a hero fills out in MoW. As you can see below, this lvl 70 piece of armour gives a bonus of 212 intelligence. That would cost a purple hero 22 levels to gain that, and that piece of armour is just 1 of 10 pieces capable of giving a stat bonus. Where your stat points come into play however, is for the minimum gear requirement. This piece of armour requires the hero to have an intelligence stat of 408 in order to wear it, so it is important to plan ahead with your stat distribution.


Minimum stat requirements are controlled by the level of the item. They are the same for all items within that level. Below is a level by level breakdown of the minimum stat you will require in order to equip a purple item of the corresponding level.

These numbers are the same as the buff the item provides. eg: if the item gives a +100 to power, then the minimum stat requirement will be power as well.

- Level 1: Stat: 20
- Level 10: Stat: 68
- Level 20: Stat: 128
- Level 30: Stat: 188
- Level 40: Stat: 238
- Level 50: Stat: 298
- Level 60: Stat: 348
- Level 70: Stat: 408
- Level 80: Stat: 458
- Level 90: Stat: 498
- Level 100: Stat: Not Yet Implemented

**Note: Level 60 is a good place to start when planning a hero. it is easily achieved in a short amount of time.

So now that we know what we get for points, and what we require for gear.... where do we place points?

The Basics

There are three basic types of heroes you can create in MoW. (there are of course any manner of hero to create, but these are the simplest to execute and the easiest to equip)

1) Conan (PWR): This is a power hero. he fly's into battle and crushes everything in his path.

2) George S. Patton(CMD): This hero has the ability to command large amounts of troops, and maneuver them in the heat of battle.

3) Merlin(Intel): This hero my not be the stoutest of them all, but has an awesome array of magic, and is often underestimated.

"Dying is a very dull, dreary affair. And my advice to you is to have nothing whatever to do with it."
- W. Somerset Maugham

The main principle behind your heroes in MoW, is life. a dead hero is a useless hero. The stat you want to start with on every build is physical/constitution. This stat governs the ability of hp's, and defense. It is a very powerful stat in this game.

All three generic builds revolve around the physical stat. On all three builds I recommend just putting stats into physical until it reaches 348 as a base. This will allow you to farm lairs early on, and get a little bit of combat experience without kicking over 30s into the battle.

Once the physical stat reaches 348, your secondary stat can start receiving points, to build it up to the desired minimum level. Once you reach 348 on both primary stats you should have a pretty solid idea of the direction of you hero, and the gear your are going to be able to equip it with.

From there you can place your remaining stats, from whatever levels you gain, into one of the two primary stats. This is in order to fit the minimum requirements for gear. It is not to increase the effectiveness of the stat, as the amount you are able to put in at this point, is trivial.

eg, you have a Conan type hero with a power and physical of 348 each. You are level 64, and you will have 36 more levels of points to put forth on your hero. You see that you are able to pick up a few good level 90 items that give bonuses to power. From this point on, all of your points should go to power. It is the gear that dictates the placement of the stat points, not the effectiveness of the stat.

**Note: It is strongly recommended that you do not place any points at all into any stats other than your 2 primary stats. Although it can be done with purples, I would still advise against it. what this does is dilute the equipment pool you are able to use on your hero, and in the end gives you a muddled, un-focused hero that is far behind heroes of the same level.

In summing this up.

-when you build a hero, focus on the physical stat first. make sure it gets to 348 (so you can use a minimum of lvl 60 gear) before placing points in your secondary stat.

-have a plan for your hero. what do you want from him/her

-do not mess with triple stat heroes.

-do not mess with green or white heroes

-do not invest a lot of time in a blue hero that does not have a combined starting stat distribution of 140+ on the two primary stats you wish to use.