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2012/10/23    Tag:event




Event Date: 10/23-10/26

Servers: All servers

Event Details: Any player who cumulatively consumes 1750 points on the following dates will receive the corresponding rewards. 

You must use the full amount of points on corresponding day of the reward that you wish to receive.






Tuesday      10/23

Favored God’s Sword

Wednesday  10/24

Dust Sealed Haides Sword

Thursday    10/25

Familial Zues Sword

Friday  10/26

Unequaled Soul Robber Sword






In addition, any player who qualifies for at least one of these rewards during the duration of the event will enter a drawing to win a super augmentation package.   The winner will be chosen on 10/29 and will receive the following items:



Super Augmentation Pack

Noble Cobalt Ore Pack X 15

Gem of Fortune X 10

Untouchable X 7

Refined Gold Gem X 5

·       The Augmentation Pack will be chosen at random. 

·       There will only be one winner for the augmentation pack

·       Players can enter into the drawing more than once: E.G.  A player who qualifies for all four swords would be entered into the drawing four times.

·       Accounts are limited to one sword per day



Please allow 2-3 business days for the delivery of these rewards.