The game will only load part of the way and then stops. What can I do?
I've tried multiple browsers and I still cannot get the game to load! What should I do?
I will have to take a break from Ministry of War for an extended period of time. How do I make sure my account does not get deleted?
My account was deleted for inactivity! How do I get it back?
The game asks me to create a new city, but I have a pre-existing account. Why is this happening?
I tried to skip the Tutorial, but now I am stuck at my Civilizations Capital. Where is my city?
I started off playing as the Roman Civilization, but now I want to switch to another one. How do I change my account's civilization?
I already played Ministry of War, but when I had logged on again I lost all the progress I had made and had to re-choose my Civilization and starting place. What happened to my account?
Am I allowed to have more than one account per server?
I want to start a new account on my current server. How do I delete my old account to do this?
I play on Kongregate (or similar site), but I would like to switch my account to the official Ministry of War site at ministryofwar.com. How can I do this?
I already play Heroes of Gaia. Do I need to sign up for another account to play Ministry of War?